Supporting Autism in the Classroom

By: Shelby Blossom-Ferguson, M.S., CF-SLP Some people have never experienced the struggles children with autism deal with every day. Imagine being in a room with bright lights, people yelling, and a loud fan. It would be very tough to focus and listen to each task...

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Betime Routines

By: Lillie Sutton, B.S. Sleep battles can be one of the biggest challenges of parenthood. Developing a bedtime routine is beneficial for children. It can help your child to sleep well and be well rested for the next day. Here is an example of how to develop a healthy...

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The Importance of Reading Intervention at an Early Age

By: Daley Johnston M.A., CF-SLP

“The single most important activity for building knowledge for their eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children,” stressed Becoming a Nation of Readers, a 1985 report by the Commission on Reading. It is important to read aloud to children of all ages. It is important from infancy through the high school years. Families and teachers can create and continue a tradition, introduce and reinforce the pleasures of reading, and, as children get older, set the stage for meaningful conversations about numerous topics.

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The Importance of Reading Intervention at an Early Age Daley Johnston M.A., CF-SLP

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