For children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Miracle Kids Specialty Programs  

Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy Services

At Miracle Kids Success Academy, our highly trained staff offers services in early childhood development as well as medical care. We provide occupational, physical and speech therapy services that are designed to meet the unique goals of each child. Our treatment rooms and innovative therapy equipment are designed to mirror playful activities to the child, yet the therapists are actually drawing upon extensive training to provide challenging therapeutic activities aimed at developing greater capabilities and skill levels. Additionally, an infant-toddler, preschool and pre-K curriculum is provided. These on-site services are designed to encourage and support the growth and well-being of each child at Miracle Kids Success Academy. Our goal is to build partnerships with parents and caregivers to create meaningful independence by celebrating children one miracle at a time.

Autism and Special Needs News & Announcements

Did you know that sharing your child’s health information without your permission is against the law? At Miracle Kids we strive to make sure that your child’s information is protected. Below our psychologist Elizabeth writes to help you understand more about HIPPA and your child’s rights.  What is HIPAA? Have you gone to a physician or medical …

Most of us think of tongue-tie as a situation we find ourselves in when we are too excited to speak. Actually, tongue-tie is the non-medical term for a relatively common physical condition that limits the use of the tongue, ankyloglossia. Before we were born, a strong cord of tissue that guides development of mouth structures …

How your child plays, learns, speaks and acts offers important clues about his development. Developmental milestones are things most children can do by a certain age. If you have concerns about your child’s development, act early by scheduling a free developmental screening with Kids Unlimited Learning Academy. Click here for a one-sheet check list