by: Elizabeth Huffstutter, Psy.D.

Let’s be honest, we all look forward to summer months and being able to spend some time outside. Here is a list of a few fun activities for your children to enjoy the great outdoors.

Walking– Taking a walk on a nice summer day is a great way to burn some calories and take in a little sun.

Riding Bikes– Riding bikes is another great way to get moving.

Sidewalk Chalk – Coloring with chalk is fun and a great way to let your children express their artistic side. This is also a way to help your kids improve their fine motor skills.

Bubbles– Who doesn’t love popping bubbles?! Blowing bubbles can help keep your little ones entertained for hours. It also is a great way to keep them moving.

Water Play– Get out the water hose and a sprinkler (if you’ve got one). This is a great way to spend a hot day. You could also make a target on your fence or on the ground and try out water balloon target practice!

Shaving Cream– Try a shaving cream war. Good to mix this in on a water day to help make clean up a breeze.

Picnic/Cookout– Pack up a picnic and/or start the grill. Try to incorporate a wide assortment of foods for your kids to try.

Flying a Kite– On a windy day try your hand at flying a kite.

Scavenger Hunt– Try having your kids find things in nature. Various plants, bugs, birds, etc. Exploring all the outdoors has to offer is so much fun your kids won’t even realize they are learning things as well!

Backyard camp out– Camping out in the backyard can be so fun. Children can work together to set up their campground. And the best thing about camping is the S’mores at the end of the night.

These are a few ideas for taking advantage of the outdoors. These activities are a great way to keep active and stay motivated during the summer. One last thing…Don’t forget the sunscreen for all this outdoor fun.