Sensory Integration

We experience the world through our senses. While we generally teach children about five senses (taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing), there are actually additional senses that are very important to the way we function in the world. Some senses tell us the position of our bodies and others help us keep our balance and remain upright against the pull of gravity. The sensory systems are the gateways of information to and from the brain and body.Some people notice that they cannot hear as well if they cannot see the source of sound. Others may see something moving, like a car, and feel as if they are moving as well. Our bodies and the environment send our brains information through our senses. We process and organize this information so that we feel comfortable and secure. We are then able to respond appropriately to particular situations and environmental demands. This is sensory integration.
MKSA’s therapists use sensory integration approaches when providing intervention to address the underlying sensory and motor foundation that help a child learn new skills more easily. Our approach is very individualized to the child’s interests and therapeutic needs. For example, ensuring proper chair and table heights are important for the child who is uncomfortable with his or her feet off the ground. And, the use of deep pressure may be used as a calming strategy prior to nap time.

Is Your Child On Track?

How your child plays, learns, speaks and acts offer important clues about his development. Do you have questions about your child’s development? View our milestone checklist to see if your child is where he/she should be at this stage in their development.

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