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Learning Without Tears helps children develop their writing skills through multisensory play. Activities with the Wood Pieces Set, Capital Letter Cards, Mat, Roll-A-Dough Letters, Stamp and See Screen, CDs, Slate Chalkboard, and Blackboard use all of the senses to teach directionality, vocabulary and imitation, positions and sequencing skills. Children move, touch, feel and manipulate real objects as they learn the habits and skills essential for writing. Other multisensory lessons in teachers’ guides use voices, letter stories, door tracing, imaginary writing and mystery letters to teach letter formation and placement on lines.

The Arkansas State Board of Education recently adopted the Learning Without Tears K-5 program for the 2011 English Language Arts Adoption. This is great news because children enrolled in the MKSA day treatment program will be familiar with it when they transition to Kindergarten.

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