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Melanie Clark, M.S., OTR/L

Brittany Davis

Melanie Clark earned her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Central Arkansas. Melanie truly believes in the effectiveness of early intervention day treatment and wanted to continue working within a team that provides every opportunity for children and families to thrive. Melanie is married to her husband Todd and they have two children, Millie and Ross. She is trained in Sensory Integration, Integrated Listening Systems and is a member of AOTA. If she could have one super-human power, it would be the ability to clean anything at the snap of a finger – just like Mary Poppins!

Melanie may be contacted at melanieclark@mymiraclekids.com.

Rachael Rodery

Rachael received her Bachelors in Social Work in 2016 and then went to further earn her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy in 2019 from Arkansas State University. She joined our team because Rachael has always loved working with and seeing children blossom, even after therapy! Personally, she is passionate about children in foster care. Rachael would love to open transitional housing for teens aging out of the foster care system that have nowhere to go. All of the kiddos love Rachael for her outgoing and compassionate personality– not too mention she loves the ball pit as much as they do! If Rachael could possess one super-human power, it would be teleportation so she could be somewhere in the blink if an eye. Rachael’s personal motto is “It never hurts to try, even if you fail once or twice. You are still learning!”

She may be contacted at rachaelrodery@mymiraclekids.com.

Brittany Davis

Amy Flores, MOD, OTR/L

Brittany Davis

Melanie Clark earned her Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Union University in 2015 and then received her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Gannon University in 2018. She is happily married with one daughter and two dogs! During school, Amy did her fieldwork rotation and Miracle Kids Success Academy and absolutely knew this was the perfect place for her after graduation. She loves to hike and be outdoors while spending time with her family. Amy’s favorite part of working at MKSA is seeing a child’s face light up when she goes to a room to get them. She truly cares about each child and loves watching them reach their goals!

Amy may be contacted at amyflores@mymiraclekids.com.

Carly Glidewell, OTD R/L

Carly earned her Bachelors degree in Exercise Science in 2016 and then received her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy in 2019 from Arkansas State University. She is married and has a labradoodle named Murphy! Carly registered Murphy as a therapy dogs and they love to volunteer at hospitals and even families homes. She has always loved making an impact in children’s lives, so when she found out the Miracle Kids was looking for an OT she knew it would be the perfect fit. Carly is always doing her best to make therapy sessions FUN(ctional) for the kiddos every single day. She loves each and every kiddos that walks through our doors and invests her energy in to helping them succeed and meet their goals! In Carly’s spare time, she likes to travel, spend time with her family, and meet new people. She is a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Carly may be contacted at carlyglidewell@mymiraclekids.com.

Brittany Davis

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