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Adam graduated from the University of Memphis with his Bachelor’s of Science in Fitness Management in 2000 and graduated with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Arkansas State University in 2013. He is married with two wonderful boys and believes that his family is the best! Adam believes that creativity and listening are some of the best skills to possess when working with children. He is passionate about many things, but the most important in his eyes is providing a voice or opportunity for others. If Adam could have one super-human power, it would be the ability to fly! His favorite part about his job at Miracle Kids is seeing functional changes and improvements when he’s not expecting it.

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Miracle Kids Success Academy

Jonesboro South: 870-932-3600

Jonesboro North: 870-333-2600

Trumann: 870-418-1000

Paragould: 870-240-8900

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